Social media promotion + targeted and retargeted advertising

Social Media Marketing allows you to target your audience by their demographics, interests, and behaviors.

Our results in Instagram – from medical companies and personal PR to construction materials, sports and interior design:

We calculate the results based on the following parameters: orders, requests, account growth rates, coverage, and target advertising figures.

We keep weekly reporting in the form of an Excel table with tracking of more than 15 key parameters. A visual version of the report is a chart with a growth trend line.

You get:

  • Promotion according to the goals: coverage for branding, a warm target audience for sales.
  • Convenient way to work with the content: you send materials that you already have — then, we proceed from the existing one, or we set a task — and you send photos and videos on our request.
  • Freedom from social networks: we can take over the entire process – from the content creation to sales. The fare is individual.
  • Working format: we use and test all the features of the social network – photos, videos, galleries, stories, broadcasts, and choose the most effective one’s for you.
  • Invitations: for experts, we consider invitations to events and offers of cooperation to be an important criterion for success.
  • Applications from social networks: we receive and send it to your sales department, or your managers check the requests themselves.


Tariffs and cost for SMM:

The cost of setting up ad targeting on Instagram

Test advertising campaign (from 10 working days): €550 + advertising budget: from €600
Ad campaign management (per month): from €550 + advertising budget: from €600

With high budgets, the cost of setting up and running advertising is calculated individually. Send a request via WhatsApp for a cost estimate for your project.


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    SMM to promote the company on the Internet

    Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc. are closely linked to the development of business on the Internet. Pay attention to how and why you are represented in social networks in order to receive an influx of applications through SMM.

    Google highly rank websites with a social media integration allowing visitors to share information in their social networks.

    Promotion in social networks (Social Media Marketing) is a set of actions to promote a product, service, brand or your site in social media. SMM tools attract targeted users and allow you to perform targeted advertising.

    From our experience, we can say that for some companies even the very presence of an online store does not play such a serious role as the presence of a high-quality public on Instagram. Sales through groups and public sites are higher than through the website.

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