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And we will help you create a tailored one-year marketing plan with KPIs and financial metrics

Lio has over 9 years of leading experience in the fields of online marketing, business process architecture and optimization, public relations, and advertising customization.

We help your business stay relevant and dominant in your market by:

  • Analyzing your current competitor landscape and identifying hidden opportunities;
  • Planning and implementing project execution;
  • Identifying the most relevant sales channels, including but not limited to: websites, YouTube, landing page, Instagram, Facebook, VK and other social networking services, chat bots;
  • Enhancing your SEO;
  • Refining your targeted advertising;
  • Strengthening Google Ads results;
  • Architecting and automating sales funnels — get 2-3x greater ROI than traditional advertising;


When are companies ready to use our expertise?

Your company offers either a physical product or service and you want to begin or increase your online sales. We help companies with an advertising budget starting from €2000 per month. We will begin with an initial strategy session to gain and in-depth understanding of your product-market-fit and craft compelling messaging for your target audience. The process typically looks as follows:

Stage-1. Marketing Roadmap:

  1. We interview you, understand your specific challenges, and define the scope of work to help you.
  2. We analyze the source data: competitors, search queries, metric data, etc.
  3. We recommend the online sales channels that are best for your target audience.

Stage-2. Sales Strategy Development.

  • Design and approve the sales strategy for your product/service.
  • Develop the concept for your future site and/or advertising campaign.
  • Coordinate and approve technical specifications and sign agreement of cooperation.

Stage-3. Implementation.

  • Implement technical specifications.
  • Launch project.
  • Track and analyze results, and provide progress reports periodically.

* Advertising campaigns always start with a test run. For details, contact our managers.

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