TURNKEY development — web design, website creation

Development of modern websites with high conversion rates: online stores, business card websites, corporate websites, Landing Pages


🟢 1. Data collection and analysis:

  • Study of competitors’ websites,
  • setting development goals,
  • selecting the appropriate site type.

🟢 2. Technical requirements:

  • Setting deadlines and tasks for the site,
  • planning the functionality.

🟢 3. Website structure:

  • Creating a site map,
  • content planning.

🟢 4. Design:

  • Creating prototypes of pages and communication forms,
  • visual site design.

🟢 5. Layout:

  • Site layout,
  • setting up the functionality,
  • site programming.

🟢 6. Content:

  • Collecting semantics for SEO,
  • copywriting,
  • filling the site with content.

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    Development of an online store (WordPress, Shopify, etc.)

    1. Research of the range of products, sales strategies, positioning.
    2. Selecting a suitable CMS for the purpose of the online store.
    3. Creating a logical structure, planning the functionality.
    4. Design and layout of the online store.
    5. Integration with your accounting system.
    6. Filling the online store with goods.
    7. Connecting the payment system.
    8. Unlimited number of mailboxes.
    9. Installation of counters for site analytics, CRM (additional).
    10. Consulting support for the site + instructions.

    PRICES from € 2500.

    Development of a corporate website B2B, B2C, business card site

    1. Setting site development goals.
    2. Analysis of the company’s services, competitors, and target audience.
    3. Information and structural planning of the site.
    4. Design in the corporate style of the company and layout.
    5. Copywriting, primary optimization for SEO.
    6. Connecting additional languages to the site (French, etc.).
    7. Installing and configuring site analytics systems, CRM.
    8. Unlimited number of mailboxes.
    9. Consulting support for the site + instructions.
    10. Technical support of the site (additional).

    PRICES from € 2000.

    Creation of landing page

    1. Analysis of the offer, target audiences, their behavior on the Internet, and the reasons for making a purchase decision.
    2. Development of the landing page layout.
    3. Page design.
    4. Writing sales texts.
    5. Layout.
    6. Connecting capture forms, IP telephony individually.
    7. Installation and configuration of site analytics systems, CRM.
    8. Consulting support for the landing page.

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    PRICES from € 700.

    Website modernization, redesign

    When you do not receive requests from potential customers from your site — YOU LOSE CUSTOMERS! For the owners of old sites – we have 2 suggestions:

    Site redesign (visual and functional changes to the site, etc.)

    1. We analyze the website.
    2. We develop technical requirements for modernization, make edits to the website.
    3. THE WEBSITE PERFOMS for you and your business AGAIN.

    SITE AUDIT (to identify the site issues and fix them).

    PRICES from € 700.

    Website development is: 60% analytics and 40% technical implementation. We always start with a study of competitors, target audiences, and identify the key motivation for making a purchase decision.

    Lio agency develops websites for the purpose of selling your products and services, not “design for design’s sake”. The website should not be only “beautiful” but useful!

    Website development from A to Z

    We approach the development of websites from the marketing side. There are some areas where single-page sites with a video recording of a worker in production give a conversion rate 10 times higher than beautiful, polished sites, or the ones with a perfect design. Why? The answer is simple.

    Website development — for the sale of goods and services

    Site visitors need to be given exactly what they are looking for: with the understanding of the problems, fears, desires, expectations, skills, social status, the presence or absence of certain things in the life of your target audience, you give them the solution, solution that you have — this is your product/service. To do this, we create logical, clear, functional websites.


    TURNKEY development — web design, website creation