About Lio Digital Marketing Agency developed by sisters Irina & Elena Vlasov

What we do:

Marketing agency Lio offers solutions for online sale of goods and services. We delve into the intricacies of the business, products, and the desires and fears of the target audience. We help to increase profits for companies that have been operating for more than 1 year, with an advertising budget of €2000 per month.

We formed a team of experts who share our philosophy and ideology. Each of us is burning with the idea of better service and better quality in online sales.


We do not sell our services — we set goals and accomplish clearly defined objectives. We are attentive to our clients’ needs and always open for their requests.

Our philosophy is to help our clients increase their profits.

Armed with analytics, numbers, creativity and design. We grow together with our clients and achieve results. In our work we rely on productive interaction with the target audience. We understand different types of businesses and have worked with Russian, European, Asian and Australian companies.


 Promotion strategy — we develop a promotion strategy based on the analysis of your client’s life. We find out the interests, desires, and fears of the target audience. We offer your clients services or goods as an effective solution to their problem.

 Advertising channels — we choose advertising channels in accordance with the natural preferences of the target audience to ensure the greatest coverage and conversion rate.

 ROI — we calculate ROI, removing unnecessary channels of promotion and minimizing costs. We use analytical tools and CRM so that our clients know the cost of attracting a client and invest in effective advertising

 Trends — we work with modern digital marketing tools that allow us to interact with an audience almost anywhere in the world. At the same time, the development and implementation is carried out in a centralized and systematic manner.

 Organization of the process — since we work for modern business owners, we organize the process so that our clients do not have to become involved in any of the details of promotion, but can go about their business, travel and rest. We take the responsibility.



PR-specialist, journalist, project manager

Graduated from St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical Institute LETI with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations. While being a student, she realized that studying target audiences and drawing up marketing strategies were the subjects she wanted and, more importantly, enjoyed doing.

Prior to the launch of the agency, she worked as a journalist-analyst in the sectorial shipbuilding magazine, then she worked in the exhibition company RESTEC. For several years, she was engaged in organizing trainings in the field of marketing and sales promotion in St. Petersburg.

In 2012, together with her sister Elena, she launched their own marketing agency.

The experience of living in other countries allows her to successfully work with projects in almost any language and with almost any target audience. She travels a lot and is inspired by new business ideas.

Irina manages the agency together with his sister, they take turns traveling, leaving for 1-3 months abroad.

In business management, she is guided by the vector of automation of processes, the optional presence of an office in a modern digital company and the selection of professional like-minded employees.


PR-specialist, digital-marketing specialist, project manager

Elena studied at St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical Institute LETI in the specialty of Advertising and Public Relations, at St. Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design in the specialty of Engineering Technologist of Weaving Production, and at British Higher School of Art and Design in the specialty of Interface Design. She has taken numerous courses in marketing and business management.

Before creating her own company, she handled purchases at a leading enterprise for the construction of ships and floating structures in St. Petersburg.

Then she worked in the IT department at a research and production enterprise in the field of development of projects for the development of oil and gas fields and gas transportation.

She managed and was the art director of a restaurant in St. Petersburg.

Together with her sister Irina, she opened their own digital agency in 2012. She was running projects to develop and attract clients in the B2C and B2B segments in the fields of medicine, energy supply, interior design and architecture, beauty industry, clothing retail, legal services, real estate and construction materials for customers from Russia, Lithuania, Belgium, Australia, Indonesia, and Italy.

Elena travels a lot, runs projects in different countries. She grew up in St. Petersburg and Moscow. She lived for more than 5 years in Indonesia, Belgium, South Korea (Seoul).

About Lio Digital Marketing Agency developed by sisters Irina & Elena Vlasov