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Landing page creation – landing page development 

To order a high convectional landing page created on the basis of analysis and your target audience, send us a request:

Good landing page consists of several important aspects, so you get:

Development of technical requirements

  • Offer analysis,
  • competitor research,
  • study of the target audience (identification of sales channels and ways to reach them),
  • choosing a CMS (for convenient work in the future — editing texts, images),
  • concepts of entering the market with your offer.*

Technical implementation

  • Thoughtful LP structure,
  • copywriting,
  • attractive design,
  • layout (including adaptive),
  • availability of communication forms,
  • ready landing on hosting and domain,
  • landing page instructions.

Landing Page

  • Analytics systems from Google, Facebook,
  • configured goals in metrics,
  • the landing page is ready for an advertising campaign,
  • connected communication and payment programs (callback, online consultant, etc.).

*at this stage, we decide which landing page is best to do, what it should look like, what functions are needed, how to promote your offer, whether to create a landing page, corporate website or public in social networks.

The cost of developing a landing page starts from € 700. The term is from 14 days.

Creating a landing page

LANDING PAGE is a landing page for increasing the number of requests when advertising your services, for example, through Google Ads or social networks. From an ad, a visitor comes to such a page — here convincing information on your offer is collected and communication forms are established.

Development of a landing-page or a land-site

Landing page solves the task of attracting customers, from modeling eyebrows in Milan to attracting tourists to the steppes of Alps. However, we do not work with some products — this is the policy and ecology of our company.

  1. Work with the database of existing customers: offer them participation in a sale, promotion, competition – encourage repeat sales  of goods and services with a simple and clear landing page.
  2. Attract new groups of customers, by placing a landing page on your site or on a separate domain with a targeted offer for a narrow target audience. Such actions give a good conversion rate.

You get an LP as an additional sales channel or an independent “turnkey business”, taking into account the analysis of competitors, the target audience, its behavior on the Internet, special requirements, fears and interests. We choose the advertising solutions that are RIGHT FOR YOU.

Connecting CRM to the landing page

The service is individual. CRM allows you to manage business processes: the client’s path, the processing of each request and the productivity of your managers will be tracked online in real time.

Landing page creation – landing page development