Automated sales funnel and marketing automation: what it is & examples

Automated sales funnel is

Sales funnel or automated sales funnel — is a marketing automation tool, the classic sales funnel is a consistent “warming up” of the audience with the help of email newsletters or chat-bots with a special offers from the first visit of your site till making the first and subsequent purchases.

You get:

1. Product range

Free product, cheap, basic, products for additional sales, related products, products of constant demand.

2. Automated sales funnel strategy

A map of the variable management of the client in the sales line from the moment of leaving contact information on your site.

3. Customized email or chatbot newsletter

A series of “smart emails” that recipients want to open, read, and take advantage of your offer.

4. Technical implementation

An automatic system based on a special service that guides the client through the stages of the transaction, but at the same time takes into account their individual preferences and features.

5. Analytics

Analysis of the site user’s involvement in the materials that you offer them.

6. Additional sales

With the same advertising costs, you get more contacts who warm up in the funnel and make their first and subsequent purchases more often, becoming regular customers.

Automated sales funnel, what is it, in simple terms

  • Look, even the sites with a good percentage of requests (conversion rate from 0.5 to 20%) lose all remaining visitors, because 80-99% of people are simply not ready to buy immediately.
  • Automated sales funnel works with the people who have already been attracted from advertising, who have not made a purchase, but whose contact details we managed to get.
  • The automatic funnel consists of a special product line and a series of letters that lead the person to a purchase in automatic mode.
  • Planning, developing and setting up an automated sales  funnel – takes 2-3 months, and allows you to get 3-5 times more sales on your site while maintaining your advertising budget.

An example of the automated sales funnel implementation on the website of a beauty salons network:

Qizz is a tool that we use to increase the conversion rate of the site. We engage visitors in a colorful and simple, logical mini-test with pictures — and they send an email to get the answer they want to know. Then, they gradually receive a chain of dozens of letters on a variety of scenarios. The customer becomes “warm” and makes an order from you. Video for 1,5 minutes.

Automated Sales Funnel-Components:


We analyze your sales channels existing at the moment. We analyze the target audience and the behavior of visitors on your site*.

Email Marketing

We create useful, thematic emails for potential and existing customers. We work with their wishes and fears. We generate a newsletter with beautiful letters and corporate identity.

Enabling CRM

The system allows you to track at what stage a potential customer is trying to get away from the purchase and keep their attention. We track the path of each client, adjust it, and this leads to an increase in the number of sales.

At this stage, you will find all the access from metrics, analytics, and site access systems — and you will definitely not lose them.

Building automated sales funnels