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Online schools development: 

Are you a recognized master in your field? — Become an online school author and earn on your knowledge! From you – knowledge in needed, from us – implementation:

Strategy and launch,

50/50 financing,

profitable ONLINE SCHOOL.

Open your online school, in partnership with Lio:

Unlike other production centers   👉 we invest in the project in equal shares with the expert.

We share your risks and investments in the online school 50/50. Create a school with us and start getting stable sales for 50% of the profit.

Ask questions at the consultation on creating your online school and get a checklist “10 ways to increase sales of an online course”:

What we need from you – is knowledge and expertise. What we take upon ourselves:


We assess the prospects and risks of the project.


We develop a marketing strategy, prepare a sales funnel, and select advertising channels.


We share your investment in advertising and promotion 50/50.


We will collect a sales funnel and place it on getcours.ru, launch the ad.


We analyze each stage of the sales funnel, optimize it, and increase the conversion rate.


We bring the profit to the planned level within 3 months.

Compare the pros and cons of cooperation options “expert-producer”

Why creating an online school is PROFITABLE

+25% per year

The volume of the online education market in Russia according to independent sources for 2020. It gets better and BETTER.

$74 billion a year

The total cost of online courses in the world paid for via the Internet in 2020.

45 billion rubles a year

The volume of the online school market in the Russian Federation. 50% is occupied by the supplementary education for adults, including the study of foreign languages.

Ask questions at the consultation on creating your online school and get a checklist “10 ways to increase sales of an online course”:

Who should create an online school,and to whom it is still too soon:

Are you a recognized specialist experienced in your field? — We are very glad to see you. Have you not yet decided what you want to teach, and what is your main strength? — We are also happy to see you, but it is too early for you to teach other people, and we recommend that you take a break and come back to us with a realistic idea.

Answer 7 questions and find out, how much you can earn on the online school.

The opening of your online school is carried out in 3 stages:


  • We evaluate the prospects of the online course
  • We define the course line
  • We decide on the cost
  • We set the order of lessons
  • We make a primary schedule


  • We develop an auto sales funnel
  • We choose the promotion channels
  • We plan actions for primary and secondary work with the audience.


  • We increase the scale of the school
  • More incoming customers, more sales funnels, higher profits

🏆 Evaluate the results of the online trading school – it is suitable for payments of 2,000,000 руб.

Types of our services in detail

Evaluation of the commercial prospects of an ONLINE COURSE

Do you know that 90% of online schools created do not pay back the funds invested in them? Do you want to reduce the risk of wasting time and money? We will assess the risks and commercial prospects before launching the project and give our recommendations.

Submit a request for an assessment of the risks and commercial prospects of the online course and get a checklist: “10 ways to increase sales in an online school”.

Designing an Online Course

Is it possible to build a house without a project? The same happens to an online course without a detailed study of all the client’s paths, the logic of the auto sales funnel work, as well as a list of all the necessary landing pages, a series of messages, tools and services. This is where we will start working on your project.

Submit a request to create a course sales funnel map and get a checklist: “10 ways to increase sales in an online school”.

Basic Online Course Setup

What is usually understood by an online course? As a rule, this is not only the course itself, placed on a platform convenient for students and teachers, this is also a course launch funnel, a payment acceptance system, and much more. As the Author of the course you do not have to understand all this. This is our job.

Get a free “125-point checklist — Basic Project settings”.


What do you think is the main landing page indicator? Attractive design? The allure of the offer? We believe that the main indicator is how well the landing page converts the visitors into requests for the course. We will make such landing pages for you.

Get a free landing page readiness checklist for receiving traffic.

Creating an AUTOFUNNEL, connecting chatbots

You often have to deal with ads for autofunnels and chatbots as some kind of magic pills: the very moment you get them, happiness will come. It’s nice to feel like a wizard when you create them, but when you start the course, the magic is not in them. It is in your course itself. And autofunnels and chatbots are the tools to make this magic happen, and we are ready to create these tools for you.

Get a free “Checklist for launching an autowebinar funnel”.

Creating a saleable WEBINAR, recording an online course

Do you know how much useful content there should be in a saleable webinar? Most of the Authors flub up this issue and instead of selling the course, they give the students “the first lesson – for free”. We will create a webinar script for you that will really sell. We will help you record a course that will really be bought and recommended to others.

Get free video instructions for performing a saleable webinar.

Setting up ad campaigns and managing traffic

Please tell me, how many targetologists, directologists and other traffic specialists have you already changed? We have changed a few dozen. And we’ve spent more than не одну сотню тысяч рублей them. As a result, we have collected the best, and it is their services for setting up and maintaining advertising that we can offer you.

A comprehensive solution (multiple services at once) is more profitable, faster and more correct:

Fares and cost of development

Evaluating the prospects of an Online Course
Designing an Online Course
Creation of AUTOFUNNEL
Creating a saleable WEBINAR
Traffic launch and testing of AUTOFUNNEL
Record an Online Course
Connecting Chatbots
Finishing and scaling AUTOFUNNEL
PAYBACK:up to 6 monthsup to 3 monthsup to 1 months
COST:120 тыс240 тыс360 тыс.
ADVERTISING BUDGET:+50 тыс.+100 тыс.+150 тыс.

6 facts why online school is needed right now:



If you have an online school, you can work without borders. The only limitation is the language, but this can also be solved if desired.



Unlike starting an offline school, where the payback period starts from 6-8 months, online schools often pay off from the first stream.



Unlike an offline school, you do not need to spend money on opening a new point, going to a new region. Once recorded, you can sell the course an infinite number of times anywhere in the world.



Starting an online school does not require you to buy additional equipment or invest your budget in renting a room. All the resources can be invested in high-quality production + advertising.



You do not need to organize an office. You can simply transfer everything to a specialized team that will set up full automation of all processes.



After putting the course on the market and running-in, with properly configured automation, the online school turns into a good passive income. It depends on you whether it will continue to function in this format, or whether you will develop it further.

* The online learning market will develop STEADILY over the next 10 years.


Our team is committed to achieving results. We use those marketing solutions that will be relevant at this particular moment for you.

First ANALYZE – then ACT.

Online schools development